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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Actel Drives Industry's Lowest Power FPGAs Into Portable Displays

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Demonstration Platform Speeds Design for Wide Range of LCDs

Leveraging the Actel IGLOO AGL600, Actel's partner Attodyne, a design services company specializing in video and LCDs, offers the IGLOO Video DemoBoard, which processes video signals for the LCD display. The video input tothe IGLOO Video Demo Board can be from multiple sources, such as a CMOS camera headboard or a DVI-D input. This board can drive the LCD panel through a50-pin onboard connector or from an LVDS interface through the two RJ45connectors for Panel Standardization Working Group (PSWG)-compliant single-/dual-channel standard panels.

Initially, three LCD adapter boards will also be made available to demonstrate advanced LCD controller features, such as image downscaling, alphablending, color conversion and de-interlacing. These boards include a 7-inch,4.3-inch or 2.7-inch LCD panel with resolutions ranging from 480x800 toquarter video graphics array (QVGA). The adaptor boards include theappropriate connectors, drivers and inverters to the LCD and interfaces with the IGLOO Video Demo Board.

The IGLOO Video Demo Kit combines the Video Demo board with an LCD adaptorboard, software and demo, power supply and DVI-D cables to enable users to rapidly start building their LCD controller applications.

"Actel's IGLOO family brings an unprecedented low-power solution toportable LCD control applications," said Ray Page , president, Attodyne. "Our collaboration has resulted in sophisticated and flexible solutions that enable designers to shave months off of their design time and will easily meet themost stringent power budgets."

Rounding out its LCD display offerings, Actel has worked with its partnersto offer a broad range of reference blocks that include video timing generation, color conversion, single-channel LVDS transmitter, on-screen display, alpha blending of two image/video source, frame grabber, frame buffer,frame rate conversion, and color management functionality.

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