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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Mercury Computer Systems and NVIDIA to Provide Oil Industry with Data Computation on the Fly

via PRNewswire

Open Inventor(TM) by Mercury Computer Systems is the de facto standard 3D graphics toolkit for the development of interactive applications, and it islargely adopted by the Oil E&P industry. Open Inventor(TM) by Mercury ComputerSystems comes with VolumeViz LDM, a high-performance volume visualization technology for extremely large seismic data sets (pre- and post-stacks) and ReservoirViz LDM, advanced visualization components for reservoir modeling andsimulation. Mercury's visualization solution also includes advanced support ofOpenGL shaders to further enhance the 3D visualization perception for the enduser, while allowing strong interoperability with the NVIDIA CUDA toolkit foron-the-fly computing.

NVIDIA(R) Tesla(TM) is a revolutionary, high-performance GPU computing solution that delivers supercomputing power to any CPU-based workstation orserver. The CUDA(TM) C-Compiler allows optimized programming of the GPU in theC language, turning the parallel processing capabilities of the GPU into massive computing power.

The combination of the revolutionary performance of CUDA/Tesla, with theintegration capabilities of Open Inventor 3D API, provides application developers with infinite possibilities for:

-- Massive dynamic or static computation capabilities on seismic data with simultaneous 3D visualization feedback -- Seamless integration of optimized CUDA computing codes into Open Inventor- and VolumeViz LDM-based applications -- Leveraging the latest NVIDIA software and hardware solutions (CUDA SDK, Tesla and Quadro FX boards) to perform intensive parallel computation on the workstation.

"Geophysicists are used to taking advantage of their 3D workstation toextract the best data from their seismic volumes during QC and interpretation. Some tasks require access to a supercomputing datacenter to run very complex algorithms on large and complex data volumes. By providing the kind of processing power normally found in a supercomputer on a standard workstation, NVIDIA and Mercury are enabling a fundamental transition in the way you defineyour workflow," said Andy Keane , General Manager of the GPU Computing businessat NVIDIA. "By dramatically reducing computation times locally, in some casesfrom days to hours, NVIDIA Tesla represents the single most significant disruption the high-performance computing industry has ever seen."

For more information on Open Inventor by Mercury Computer Systems, visitMercury in Booth #2145 at Supercomputing 2007, visit, orcontact Mercury at (866) 627-6951.

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