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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Ziehm Imaging and BrainLAB Announce Partnership for Intra-Operative 3D Imaging and Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)

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Ziehm Imaging products are known for their outstanding versatility andeasy handling for a wide variety of medical applications. In addition, theyoffer seamless integration into existing IT environments for digital imagedata acquisition, image evaluation and image management.

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About BrainLAB

BrainLAB develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medicaltechnology that enables procedures that are more precise, less invasive, andtherefore less expensive than traditional treatments. Among the core productsare image-guided systems that provide highly accurate real-time informationused for navigation during surgical procedures.

This utility has been further expanded to serve as a computer terminal forphysicians to more effectively access and interpret diagnostic scans and otherdigital medical information for better informed decisions.

BrainLAB solutions allow expansion from a single system to operatingsuites to digitally integrated hospitals covering all subspecialties fromneurosurgery, orthopedics, ENT, CMF to spine & trauma and oncology.

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