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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Nanotechnology Research Spurs Growth in the Global Microscopes Market

via PRNewswire

However, physical limitations and lack of technological innovation,especially in the light microscope segment, have led to other analyticaltechniques gaining more prominence thereby restricting market growth.Additionally, high manufacturing costs and the need for considerableinvestment in research and development restrict the entry of new participantsin the market.

"Since financial limitations hamper manufacturers' response to theindustry's continued technology advancements, consolidation in certainindustries such as the disk drive industry has resulted in fewer manufacturerswith high financial stability," explains Koundinya. "Companies must identifyopportunities for technology innovation by proactively monitoring the changingneeds of customers in various end-user industries."

Considering the decline in technical expertise, it has become imperativefor vendors to make microscopes more user-friendly and easy to operate.Techniques that require minimum sample preparation and enable the safeinspection of samples will be well received. Additionally, vendors need toalso focus on incorporating new softwares, integrating instruments withothers, and improving flexibility.

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