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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

NEC Electronics America Adds Four New Modules to 'Sunlight-Readable' LCD Module Lineup

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 7 /PRNewswire/ - Responding to customer demandfor systems that can clearly display vivid colors in environments with highambient light, NEC Electronics America, Inc. today introduced four newamorphous-silicon thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD)modules featuring NEC LCD Technologies' proprietary super-transmissive naturallight TFT (ST-NLT) technology. The new products include two 10.4-inch moduleswith video graphics array (VGA) resolution, as well as 15- and 12.1-inchmodules with extended graphics array (XGA) resolution. With wide operatingtemperature ranges, the new modules are well suited for use in automatedteller and ticket machines, vending machines and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

LCD module developer and manufacturer, NEC LCD Technologies firstintroduced its ST-NLT technology in April 2005 . ST-NLT technology capitalizeson NEC LCD Technologies' proprietary optical design and boosts the efficiencyof the backlight's light utilization while minimizing the surface reflectionof ambient light. The result is a transmissive display that features a widercolor reproduction range than reflective LCDs and yields high contrast imageseven in bright outdoor light. NEC LCD Technologies has aggressively expandedits ST-NLT-based product line in response to the demand for LCD modules thatcan display vibrant colors, even in extremely bright outside light. NECElectronics America currently offers nine ST-NLT products in a range of sizes,from a 5.5-inch LCD module with quarter video graphics array (QVGA) resolutionto a 15-inch LCD module with XGA resolution.

"We have seen strong customer demand for sunlight-readable displays in agrowing number of applications, especially in the industrial market whereconventional display technologies fall short," said Dr. Shigehiko Satoh ,associate vice president and general manager, displays strategic business unit,NEC Electronics America. "NEC's innovative ST-NLT technology allows us toprovide premium products to our customers in the Americas, and we believethese four new models will boost our competitive edge in a market ofever-increasing and diversified needs."

Three of the new ST-NLT modules (NL10276BC30-18C, NL10276BC24-13C andNL6448BC33-63C), along with other sunlight-readable display modules forindustrial applications, will be on display at Society for Information Display(SID) Symposium 2007 in Long Beach, California, in NEC Electronics America'sbooth #1234. The other modules on display at SID 2007 include a 6.5-inchmodule with VGA resolution, part number NL6448BC20-20, and a 15.3-inchprototype with wide XGA (WXGA) resolution that combines ST-NLT technology foroutdoor viewability with NEC LCD Technologies' super-advanced, super-fine TFT(SA-SFT) technology to deliver high-contrast color and an ultra-wide viewingangle.


Samples of the ST-NLT LCD modules are available now. For pricing,customers can contact NEC Electronics America at 1-800-366-9782. Pricing andavailability are subject to change without notice.

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