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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

MagnaChip Launches LCD Driver Chip Using Qualcomm Technology

via PRNewswire

SEOUL , South Korea , March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd., a leading global designer, developer and manufacturer of image sensor solutions, mixed-signal and digital multimedia semiconductors, today announced the launch of an LCD driver chip using MDDI technology pioneered by Qualcomm.

MagnaChip chose to incorporate MDDI (Mobile Display Digital Interface) technology, a VESA(TM) Standard interface that is widely adopted within Qualcomm wireless solutions, into its driver chip because MDDI can shift data from parallel to serial between the mobile phone modem and LCD panel. MDDI also allows for high speed transmission of large volumes of data to LCD panels and high resolution camera phones.

Using MDDI, MagnaChip developed the WQVGA(x) LCD driver chip, which can transmit data at a maximum of 220Mb/second. Additionally, MagnaChip reduced the number of circuit lines connecting the modem and LCD panel from 40 to 7. The reduced circuit lines provide a substantial contribution to cost savings, as well as design flexibility for LCD module makers.

Davis Mok , Vice President of Marketing in MagnaChip's Display Solutions Division, stated, "This product supports High Speed Serial Interface, and it is a perfect fit for HSDPA mobile phones and next generation high speed mobile phones. Qualcomm's MDDI technology enables stable transmission of large volumes of data at high speed with low power consumption. We look forward to maintaining a collaborative relationship with Qualcomm to support our continued technological advancement and business expansion in mobile phones."

MagnaChip will continue to develop LCD driver chips with MDDI technology and specifically expects to launch additional products in the second half of 2007.

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