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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Irvine Sensors Announces High Speed Stacking and New Patent Coverage

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The expression "multilayer module" in the title of the third of the new patents listed above could be used to describe any 3D electronics device. Irvine Sensors' new patent covers a brand new technology that was developed to stack electronic circuits deposited on ultra thin plastic films, such as Kapton(R), resulting in very low cost, but extremely dense electronic cubes. An example of such a module is pictured below.

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The expression "three dimensional" in the last of the new Irvine Sensors patents listed above refers to both the electronics and to the signal processor therein that produces a three dimensional image. The application is 3D Imaging in which a reflected laser beam is imaged successively over very short (nano-second) intervals to produce a succession of images at different ranges. This functionality requires 3D electronics that can capture hundred to thousands of these images to provide a full 3D picture of the scene. Potential uses of the patented approach include military, automotive, and security vision systems.

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