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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

AstraZeneca Streamlines and Integrates Clinical Image Data With Oracle Database 10g

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REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., March 5 /PRNewswire - FirstCall/ -- Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) today announced that AstraZeneca, a leading pharmaceutical company, deployed Oracle(R) Database 10g as the foundation for a new clinical image repository designed to help it manage and improve access to multiple terabytes of life sciences and medical images used in the clinical trial process. The new repository will also help AstraZeneca streamline regulatory compliance and clinical trial efficiency and make best use of the imaging data and investments in imaging studies.

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As a developer and manufacturer of prescription pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca must manage large volumes of data encompassing many different types and formats, ensuring the integrity of the data. The company, in recent years, found that it was using and storing a growing number of images -- from x-rays to microscope slides -- as part of its clinical trial processes. In early 2006, AstraZeneca launched an initiative to create a centralized clinical image repository -- built using the Oracle inter Media features of Oracle Database 10g -- to enable rapid access for approved users, ensure data integrity, and streamline compliance. AstraZeneca expects its image repository will exceed 100 terabytes of data within the next year.

AstraZeneca's goals included storing image data securely on a single database as opposed to using an auxiliary storage device, which has the potential to lose images during transfer. Oracle interMedia enabled this capability and helped ensure easy access to images for authorized users. AstraZeneca uses Oracle interMedia features to perform image processing operations, meta-data extraction and thumbnail generation for numerous image formats including TIFF, JPEG and the DICOM medical image standard.

"Our desire was to build a scalable system for managing images that is as robust as our system for managing clinical data," said Dr. Goutham Edula , Business Lead for Clinical Imaging Informatics, AstraZeneca. "Oracle interMedia helped us plan for the future by creating a centralized repository to serve our needs today and moving forward. It also allowed us to create a singular back end for data storage, giving us the flexibility to support multiple workflows in AstraZeneca's various practice areas."

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