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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Mercury Computer Systems Introduces Complete UAV Solution for Cost-Effective Remote Sensing Applications

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Mercury's ACIP technology allows virtually plug-and-play integration of a variety of payload sensors, avionics, and data link subsystems into small form factor, low weight, and low-power UAVs. Because of the high level of integration and miniaturization possible, ACIP enables a seamless integration of functions such as video stabilization, compression, meta-data generation, collision avoidance and flight management, as well as anomaly detection, in a flexible configuration package. The Mercury VistaNav-UAV 1.5, also included inthe VistaNav-SSR system, is a flexible software package that powers a range of ground control stations and integrates UAV control and monitoring with data fusion and dissemination functions.

Synthetic vision is the core 3D visualization technology that provides the ultimate situational awareness to UAV operators. The cost-effective capabilities of small, low-power unmanned aerial systems is growing in popularity, with current market growth estimates at more than $10 billion by2012* for a broad mix of airborne surveillance applications.

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* The UAV Market Report 2006, Visiongain, Global Information, Inc.

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