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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

GeoEye-1, World's Highest Resolution Commercial Satellite, Will Use SGI Technology to Process Image Data

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With the scheduled launch of GeoEye-1 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, the company expects even greater sales from government, commercial and local government interests. GeoEye is especially seeking to expand their offerings into other markets that need high-resolution map-accurate imagery.

"Today imagery is in 'soft' copy, that is, digital format, and you can accurately position locations on any of the image sets," said Koboldt, aformer 10-year veteran of NGA who helped design components of the GeoEye-1 ground system. "In other words we'll know exactly where everything is-to within a few meters of that object's true location on the surface of the globe. If you want to know where something is in terms of position, you could do it by using our image products and measuring on the screen. In addition to accuracy improvement, images are getting bigger, the amount of data is getting larger, and the Altix will let us step up a little more in terms of image sizes and file system sizes as well."

GeoEye purchased four SGI Altix 350 systems with 16 Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 processors on each system. The SGI Altix systems run Novell(R) SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise Server, version 9, ensuring the Altix deployment dovetails with existing GeoEye applications. The four SGI Altix systems will be attached to a storage area network that will also include a previously purchased SGI(R)Altix(R) 3700 server, which will be used for image reconstruction activities when GeoEye-1 is launched.

"The power of 64-bit SGI Altix systems is ideal for the massive data processing needs of high-resolution Earth imagery satellite data," said Gene Gray , government and defense market segment manager, SGI. "Commercial satellite data companies such as the world-leading GeoEye, government labs, as well as NASA, NOAA, private weather forecasting companies, and leading universities involved in weather research and catastrophe relief, all rely on the processing power of SGI technology to deliver the data sets necessary to protect and serve America and the world."

About GeoEye

Headquartered in Dulles, Va., GeoEye is the world's largest commercial satellite imagery company. GeoEye was formed as a result of ORBIMAGE's acquisition of Space Imaging in January 2006 . The company is the premier provider of geospatial data, information and value-added products for the national security community, strategic partners, resellers and commercial customers. The company maintains a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) and has achieved corporate-wide ISO accreditation. For more information,visit

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