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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Unique LED Downlight Launches New Era for Solid State Lighting

via PRNewswire

Recent technological advances have positioned LEDs as a viable alternativeto traditional fluorescent, HID, and incandescent lamps. Functional advantagesof LEDs include high energy efficiency (90%+ conversion of heat into light,compared to 9% with incandescent); long life (50,000 hours at 70% lumenmaintenance); robustness (resistance to vibration, breakage, and lowtemperature extremes); low temperature operation (the lower the temperaturethe better the performance); optical efficiency (each LED is highly efficientdue to its directional design), and lower operating costs.

Each of Prescolite's LED recessed downlights consists of two elements: 1)the patent-pending light engine/reflector assembly (an assembly of LEDs, heatsinks, circuit boards, and optical components designed to deliver light), and2) the housing. The innovative array of parabolic reflectors within the lightengine has been designed to eliminate brightness while delivering light in auniform optical distribution.

Employing state-of-the-art Luxeon K2 LEDs by Lumileds, the lightengine/reflector assembly is the heart of the LED downlight. The lightengine/reflector assembly installs easily by securing tamperproof hardwareinto an internally threaded rod that is secured to the housing. This featureprevents vandalism after installation.

Prescolite partnered with Advance in the design and development of theseexceptional LED downlights. The Prescolite/Advance downlight design is basedon Advance's Xitanium driver. Designed specifically to power high flux LED'sin illumination applications, these drivers deliver the right amount ofcurrent to the LED to achieve high overall efficiency.

Prescolite's new D4LED and D6LED downlights are wet location listed undercovered ceilings and offer a full range of reflector finishes and colors.Finishes include specular, semi-specular, haze (diffused and buffed), andAmerican Matte. Colors range from white paint to Alzak finishes in a choice ofclear, champagne gold, black, wheat, light wheat, and pewter. Flange optionsinclude anodized or white painted. Trim apertures and flange dimensions matchexisting Architektur 4" and 6" downlights.

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