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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

New Nikon Imaging Center Opens At UCSF

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The Center will feature specialty Nikon microscopes providing six new imaging capabilities. One instrument, the spectral confocal microscope, is designed to process very slight differences in light wavelengths given off by a sample, effectively creating a microscope system with great color sensitivity. This yields a much enhanced view of not only the sample, but the mircoenvironment within the sample. It will be used initially for research on brain and heart development and vision studies.

Another microscope, the swept field confocal microscope, allows users the choice of capturing images at very high resolution, or capturing images very quickly for rapidly moving live cell events and samples that are sensitive to light. It will be used for cancer, aging metabolism and neurophysiology research.

In addition, the facility features three different kinds of laser-based microscopes, including the latest Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence(TIRF), and two laser scanning confocal microscope systems. The facility also offers physiology imaging workstations and other imaging workstations featuring Nikon's Perfect Focus inverted microscopes with incubator chambers for long term time elapse digital imaging. All Nikon microscopes will be provisioned with Nikon's NIS-Elements advanced quantitative microscopy software and technical support. The NIC will be open to QB3 and UCSF scientists and to collaborative researchers.

"Nikon, UCSF and QB3 share a vision to drive innovation in experimental design and in microscopy," said Douglas Crawford , associate director of QB3. "The Nikon Imaging Center will contribute immensely to the progress of biomedical science."

Nikon has opened other imaging centers at Harvard University, The University of Heidelberg in Germany , Oxford University in Great Britain, and Hokkaido University in Japan . (See

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