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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Cascade Microtech Announces Partnership With Philips and Agilent Technologies to Establish New Research Facility for Development of Next Generation of High-Speed Wireless Devices

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About MiPlaza

MiPlaza (Microsystems Plaza) is part of Philips Research. It is one of thelargest shared research service centers in the world. It offers world-class infrastructure and expertise enabling customers and partners to carry outhigh-tech research and development projects in the most cost-effective way. The laboratory will be available for research partnership programs, where corporate innovation leaders, start-up companies, academic and researchinstitutes can utilize this advanced measurement facility in an "Open Innovation" environment.

As well as establishing the new laboratory, MiPlaza, Cascade Microtech and Agilent Technologies will also pursue an applications development program,maintain the measurement platform with world-class standards, and increase the shared expertise on wafer-level characterization applications.

The Next Generation of Wireless Systems

Philips MiPlaza, Cascade Microtech and Agilent Technologies came together to enable semiconductor research to be driven to the next level. Advancedresearch tools have always led the way to increased semiconductor performance. The creation of the Electronic Measurement Laboratory seeks to advance theinnovation of the next generation of wireless devices and systems. Such innovations include wireless communication in the home providing the infrastructure for ambient intelligence, high frequency RF imaging systems in hospitals, and ultra low power wireless sensors for use in and around the human body.

These wireless innovations will demand massively increased data transferrates, 100 to 1,000 times higher than currently available. This means increased bandwidth and consequently higher frequencies. The new laboratory supports these requirements, enabling measurements to be performed at veryhigh frequency in the RF range.

The new partnership and establishment of this major new laboratory is another excellent example of Open Innovation in practice -- the principle that fundamental technological breakthroughs and generic innovations can best be achieved through close cooperation between companies, research centers anduniversities.

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