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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Use of Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Applications Provides Demonstrable Return on Investment

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In addition, the unpredictable nature of the communication landscape is afurther handicap for the deployment of WSNs. In popular sense, this essentially translates to an increase in the noise disturbances that pervadenet works and corrupt communication links. A wireless device that travelsthrough space normally experiences interference as well as network congestionand the intensity of these parameters varies at different points and moments.

"In unpredictable heterogeneous wireless systems, devising coding architectures that are dynamic and adaptable while being able to transferinformation reliably, without altering the peak rate, forms the best solutionto the challenges noted above," says Raman.

Smart Sensors and Sensor Networks: Opportunities for Networked Intelligent Wireless Sensors, a part of the Sensors & Instrumentation Subscription,reviews the advances in smart sensor and sensor networking areas with anemphasis on innovative technology. It includes an analysis of the hardwareand software used to sense signals, store sensed data, as well as communicateand process information along with modules that power sensors for very longperiods of time and also provides information about organizations, companies, universities, and research institutions involved in R&D. Analyst interviewsare available to the press.

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