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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Olympus America Acquires Bacus Laboratories to Provide First One-Stop Imaging Solution to Clinical Labs

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Medical slides contain so much high-resolution information that it cantake thousands of typical digital pictures to reproduce all the data in oneimage, and powerful computers to store the data. Combining Olympus and BLI technologies in one solution can help streamline the process, improve speed of reporting, save substantial expense, and enhance patient care. Virtual microscope slide technology also will aid hospitals in fulfilling the President's mandate to have comprehensive patient Electronic Medical Record systems in place by the year 2014(3).

"This exciting acquisition is the first of its kind for Olympus America, putting us into the lead in virtual slide and clinical digital microscopy,"said F. Mark Gumz , president and chief operating officer, Olympus America Inc.

"It is the latest in a series of acquisitions and investments that Olympus has made globally over the past few years as part of our worldwide strategy to develop, ally with, or acquire technologies that the company believes will be vitally important in how healthcare is delivered in the future."

BLI becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olympus America, retaining its name. The company's integration into the operations of Olympus' Scientific Equipment Group (SEG), part of Olympus Life Science, will start immediately. All BLI employees will retain their positions and continue to report to BLI management. Dr. James Bacus , president of BLI, and James Bacus , Jr., vice president of BLI, will report to Olympus management. BLI's licenses and other business relationships will remain mostly unaffected.

"It has long been my goal to partner with a company that has the strategic vision to help our country reach the potential of a new era in medicine.Olympus is that visionary company," said Dr. Bacus . "Virtual microscopy, telemedicine and other digital technologies are the future of medical care in this country. Now, we are the only company in the world that has the hardware, software and expertise to help bring digital pathology imaging toits full potential to benefit human health."

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