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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Olympus America Acquires Bacus Laboratories to Provide First One-Stop Imaging Solution to Clinical Labs

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CENTER VALLEY, Pa., and LOMBARD, Ill., July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Olympus, aprecision technology leader designing and delivering imaging solutions in healthcare, life science and photography, today announced it acquired privately-held Bacus Laboratories Inc. (BLI) of Lombard, Ill., opening the door for future technology that could one day allow millions of medical opinions now formulated by doctors using traditional optical microscopes to be facilitated by digital imaging.

The acquisition brings together Olympus, the dominant microscope hardware provider in the American clinical laboratory market, and BLI, the leader in virtual microscope slide technology and in microscope software for clinical laboratory applications. By securing BLI's patents and software capabilitiesas part of the transaction, Olympus has gained access to two key technologies,virtual microscope slide and telemedicine, enabling the company to offer thefirst and only comprehensive, one-stop solution for laboratories seeking a comprehensive virtual microscope slide system.

Virtual microscope slides allow professionals to review biopsies and other pathology images without handling traditional glass slides. Through telemedicine doctors can share highly detailed microscope images over the Internet for long-distance consultation. While both technologies are widely anticipated among healthcare professionals, neither has been used much up tonow due to limited resources.

"The combination of Olympus microscope systems and BLI software could potentially bring pathology into the next century. This is a watershed momentin which a giant industry turns a corner and moves toward a new way of operating," said Dr. Stephen S. Tang , group vice president and general manager, Life Science, Olympus America. "Being able to digitize slides, share analysis, and attach images to a patient's medical file is the next step wehave been waiting for. It paves the way for more informed decisions by physicians, better-served patients, and enhanced teaching and training."

More than $6.5 billion in pathology testing was performed in the U.S. in2003(1), and the market continues to grow as testing increases and the population ages. Medical testing now informs more than 60% of the professional decisions that doctors make(2).

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