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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Increased Popularity of ZigBee Protocol Drives Demand for Novel Vibration Sensing Technologies

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"Vibration sensing technology has reached the limits of physics," says Frost & Sullivan Technical Insights Research Analyst Sivam Sabesan. "While there is room for evolutionary development, again up to a point, the scope for large revolutionary changes is quite small. That is not to say that majoradvances cannot happen in the near future. However, no hard data is available on any revolutionary change in this technology. The few claims that do arise have either the smell of a scam or are mere hype without any data."

The basic principle fundamentals of how vibration sensors operate have remained the same over a very long period of time. The same applies tovibration test systems or shaker systems that are used to test equipment and components in varying scales of size, complexity and application. Hence, itis practically impossible to come up with a new method of vibration sensing or implementing vibration test systems.

As a strategic response to the fact that vibration-sensing technology has reached the limits of physics, the industry is working towards making thewhole vibration monitoring and analysis process more effective, in terms ofcost and productivity, to suit various generic and specific applications. With evolution being the keyword, there have been numerous innovations in this sector that are reflected in the research service.

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