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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Panasonic Announces Availability of the Lumix DMC-L1 in The United States

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* The image stabilization system may not prevent blurring in all situations, such as when the shutter speed is extremely slow or there is excessive hand-movement or camera vibration. Full-time Live View

Panasonic has developed a full-time Live View function that lets users accurately compose photos while viewing the high-resolution 2.5" LCD screen.In previous digital SLR cameras, a "live" image could be seen only through the viewfinder. The new full-time Live View function thus represents a dramaticchange in digital SLR photography, giving users new ways to shoot.

Full-time Live View provides a 100 percent view field coverage (that is,the same image seen by the image sensor) on the DMC-L1's large, 2.5" LCDmonitor. Users can compose a shot easily and accurately while viewing the screen. The screen also displays critical information such as a live histogramand white balance, which users can easily check prior to snapping the shot. When a tripod is used, full-time Live View lets users compose the image without bending to peer through the viewfinder. In these ways, users will findthat full-time Live View gives them both more shooting flexibility and greater convenience.

The Live MOS image sensor must remain ON when full-time Live View is inuse. The Live MOS sensor has a full-time image output function that sends asignal directly to the LCD, allowing high-quality display on the LCD screen ofthe same image seen in the sensor. Note that when the full-time Live Viewfunction is active, the internal mirror is in the raised position, which means that there will be no image visible in the optical viewfinder.

Users can take advantage of the revolutionary full-time Live View functionin both Auto Focus and Manual Focus modes. When using Manual Focus, users canselect a particular area within the frame and enlarge it up to 10x. Then, viewing the DMC-L1's 2.5" 207,000-pixel LCD screen, it is easy to check thefocus. It is also possible, by pressing the aperture preview button, to check the depth of field. When the aperture is being adjusted, the DMC-L1 automatically adjusts the brightness of the full-time Live View image on the LCD screen to prevent it from becoming too dark to see. This makes it easierto check the depth of field.

4/3-type 7.5-megapixel, high-resolution, energy-saving Live MOS sensor

The Live MOS sensor used in the DMC-L1 provides beautiful images with delicate gradation and wide dynamic range that only a CCD image sensor canprovide. To this it adds the low energy consumption only a CMOS sensor canoffer. The use of dedicated processing technology enables operation at a low voltage of 5 V, minimizing noise in darker parts of an image. Also, photodiodes embedded deeply in the silicon layer create a structure thatsuppresses noise generated on the substrate surface. As a result, the white-spot pixel defects and textural roughness that often characterize images captured in dim lighting are minimized, so photos are crisp and clear.

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