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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Panasonic Announces Availability of the Lumix DMC-L1 in The United States

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With a focal length range equivalent to 28mm (wide) to 100mm (mediumtelescopic) on a 35mm film camera, the Leica D lens provides exceptional results with everything from portraits to landscapes. This bright F2.8-3.5lens allows maximum use of the out-of-focus techniques possible only with anSLR camera.

The lens also provides outstanding macro shooting, thanks to a 29 cmminimum shooting distance (0.32x maximum magnification, 35mm equivalent)across the entire zoom range. From landscapes to portraits to macro close-ups,the Leica D zoom lens excels in a wide variety of shooting situations.

The lens system comprises 16 elements in 12 groups and features two large-diameter glass-molded aspherical lenses. Meeting the Leica D lens loftyquality standards, this lens unit provides a superior optical performance and matches perfectly with the digital SLR camera body. The result is exquisiter endering, with images that offer clarity, depth, and rich expression from corner to corner, even at a fully open aperture.

The optical image stabilization system -- MEGA O.I.S -- provided in the lens unit helps minimize blurring to ensure that photos are sharp even insituations when hand-movement is typically a problem, such as when taking macro close-ups, indoor shots, or night portrait shots. Thanks to the gyrosensors and Venus Engine Plus LSI built into the lens, the system detects camera movement at a rate of 4,000 times per second, so hand-movement compensation is extremely precise.

There are two image stabilization modes. In Mode 1 the hand-movement compensation function remains active at all times, so the image in the LCD and viewfinder is clear, which makes shots easier to compose. In Mode 2 the systemactivates only when the shutter button is pressed; this provides a moreprecise compensation performance. Users can select whichever mode they preferin a specific situation.

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