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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

CoVi Technologies Delivers Enhancements to Industry's First and Only High Definition Video Surveillance System

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via NewsEdge Corporation

Crystal HD MultiStream delivers six different rates and resolution of video streams from Quarter resolution to High Definition, enabling users to select the level of video quality they require for monitoring and recording. Crystal release 2.0 now allows users to select their preferred quality video stream to record on either an event basis or scheduled basis. For example, to maximize network performance and storage, while insuring the highest quality video is recorded for forensics, users may elect to schedule recording of a continuous Standard Resolution video stream during normal business hours, while recording High Definition upon an event during non-business hours.

Improved Video Processing and Configuration options Additional features include: * Enhanced picture quality with exposure and shadow detail improvements on the Crystal CVQ camera * Improved video stream compression, and user-configurable frame rates result in bandwidth efficiency and improved storage. * PAL and NTSC mixed camera support * Enhanced monitoring and management functions including: Improved logging of system health events and user actions (e.g. logins/logouts), Real time status for all cameras and DMMs using The Crystal System Network Monitor, and Zoom Zone (TM) and video full screen support in Security Station archive view

In addition, CoVi today introduced a new model of the Crystal DMM with 320GB HD providing maximum storage capacity.

"Crystal HD continues to be adopted by serious security professionals in key applications including critical infrastructure protection, banking fraud and robbery surveillance, education, medical, retail, and travel and transportation," said Barry Walker, President and CEO, CoVi Technologies, Inc. "Crystal HD is unique in that it provides not only the highest quality video, but also bandwidth optimization, accessibility, management and security of the video information. With Release 2.0 CoVi continues to grow the power of the Crystal HD system for our customers."


Crystal HD 2.0 software release is now available globally. Crystal HD 2.0 supports both PAL and NTSC models of the Crystal CVQ camera.

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