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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Sony Enters the D-SLR Camera Market With Innovative Technologies to Expand the Creative Possibilities

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Get Dust under Control

"For D-SLR camera users," Neal said that, "dust is the enemy."

Dust collects on the image sensor, usually when lenses are changed, and appears as annoying spots in photos, which then need to be retouched later.Sony's new system offers a novel, two-pronged approach to fighting dust.

The camera's CCD image sensor has an indium tin oxide coating to avoidstatic build-up so that dust does not readily adhere. Additionally, when you turn the camera on or off, an anti-dust feature is activated to literallyshake off dust particles.

A Flexible System for Creative Possibilities

Sony is continuing its long-standing relationship with Carl Zeiss (R) to deliver superior optical performance for the alpha camera system. The two companies have co-developed three lenses, including an ultra-wide, 16-80 mmVario-Sonnar T* zoom model and two fixed focal length telephoto models -- aPlanar T* 85 mm and Sonnar T* 135 mm.

The system will also be supported with a full range of accessories, including a line-up of flashes, cable releases, rechargeable battery packs and several styles of carrying cases.

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