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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Sony Enters the D-SLR Camera Market With Innovative Technologies to Expand the Creative Possibilities

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Because Super SteadyShot is built into the camera body, all compatibletele photo, wide-angle, standard and macro lenses are automatically image-stabilized. This also allows from two to 3-1/2 stops of latitude in exposure, which supports hand-held shooting at longer shutter speeds than wouldotherwise be possible. In the end, you have more opportunities to shoot innatural lighting without a tripod or a flash.

Innovative Approach to Deliver Exceptional Image Quality

The alpha DSLR-A100 will be the only D-SLR camera that can optimize dynamic range, meaning the range from highlights to shadows, including gainand contrast, through in-camera hardware processing.

Sony's Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) analyzes the captured image data and instantly determines the best exposure and color tonality of an image beforeJPEG compression. Unlike software optimization of a processed image, DRO isperformed in the hardware. It is the first hardware-based DRO solution withthe speed required for high-speed shooting.

Now You Can Really Catch The Action

The high-speed Bionz image processing engine allows you to capture pictures at lightning speed. The camera will offer high-speed burst shootingat up to three frames per second continuously, at 10.2-megapixels and the finest JPEG compression. For those action shots, you're limited only by the speed of your media card.

The new camera will also have a long battery life. The supplied lithiumion battery gives you up to 750 shots per full charge, depending on usagepatterns and environmental conditions.

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