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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Tundra Expands Industry-Leading Portfolio of Serial RapidIO(R) Switches

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Serial RapidIO Switch Optimizes High-Performance in Systems

The Tsi574 integrates several features that allow the switch to leveragethe high-performance capabilities of the Serial RapidIO interconnect protocol. The switch has low latency between ports and each port has optional store and forward or cut-through modes providing peak performance in any configuration.In addition, there is extensive traffic management through three fabricscheduling algorithms and programmable buffer depth for guaranteed bandwidth. Fabric performance monitoring enables supervised and managed traffic flowsthat result in real-time fabric optimization. The Tsi574 offers low noisecore, flip chip packaging, adjustable drive current, adjustable pre-emphasisand receive equalization per lane which all contribute to the highest possible standards in signal integrity and performance.

"The launch of the Tundra Tsi574 switch signals momentum building behindTundra's growing RapidIO product portfolio, which has the depth to respond to a wide spectrum of customers' needs for the wireless and video markets," said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at The Linley Group. "With multiple RapidIOswitches that are scalable for different price/performance points and include advanced capabilities such as hardware multicast, Tundra continues to strengthen its claim as the leader in RapidIO System Interconnect."


The Tsi574 Serial RapidIO Switch will be sampling in September 2006 .Volume pricing for the Tsi574 is under $80USD. The Tsi574 is implemented in0.13 micron CMOS technology, packaged in a 21mm x 21mm, 399ball FCBGA package. The Tsi574 uses the same package as the Tsi564A(TM) and the two devices aresoftware compatible. The device requires 1.2V and 3.3V power supplies and israted for industrial and commercial temperature operations. The switch also supports IEEE 1149.6 JTAG standard for high speed interconnects. For moreinformation on product features and benefits, go to

Using the Tundra Serial RapidIO Development Platform (SRDP) and applications engineering support, designers can commence early stage product development, later porting software to their own prototype hardware platforms,resulting in faster time to market.


Tundra switches provide chip-to-chip interconnect between RapidIO end-points and can replace existing proprietary backplane fabrics for board-to-board interconnect. As a founding member of the RapidIO Trade Association and long-time Steering Committee member, Tundra continues to provide leadership inthe development of the RapidIO standard and was the first semiconductor vendorto bring Parallel and Serial RapidIO switches to market. RapidIO is the leading serial interconnect standard for embedded systems and is supported byindustry leaders such as, Alcatel, AMCC, EMC Corporation, Ericsson, Freescale Semiconductor and Lucent Technologies. The Tundra family of RapidIO switchesincludes the Tsi574, Tsi578(TM), Tsi568A(TM), Tsi564A and Tsi500(TM).

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