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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Universal Display Corporation and Nippon Steel Chemical Company Announce Collaboration on Vacuum-Deposited OLED Materials

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Last year, NSCC and Universal Display, along with Pioneer Corporation and Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, were awarded the grand prize of the 10th annual Advanced Display of the Year Award, in the Display Materials and Components category at the annual Flat Panel Display R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo & Conference (commonly known as FINETECH JAPAN). The award recognized the development of new materials and a device structure that led to the world's first commercialized OLED display panels that use phosphorescent materials.

Universal Display's proprietary PHOLED technology offers up to four times higher efficiency than conventional OLED technology - a feature that is very important for today's battery-operated cell phones and other portable devices, as well as for tomorrow's large-area TVs and solid-state lighting products. Over the past few years, the Company has announced a series of record-breaking performance milestones for its red, green and blue PHOLED systems. Universal Display's vacuum-deposited PHOLED materials, manufactured by PPG Industries exclusively for Universal Display, are currently being evaluated and used in commercial production by a number of electronics manufacturers.

Fully utilizing technology accumulated in the manufacture of heterocyclic aromatic compound derivatives and medical intermediates, Nippon Steel Chemical was quick to commercialize OLED materials that are now moving into the limelight as a next-generation display material. As a result, the number of successful applications steadily continues to rise both in Japan and abroad. Nippon Steel Chemical is a highly rated leader in the industry for having developed many advanced technologies (including proprietary methods for sublimation, purification and impurity control) that enabled it to become the first firm in the world to reliably manufacture products of ultra-high purity. The number of successful applications steadily continues to rise both in Japan and abroad by the achievement of the world's first commercialized phosphorescent OLED material.

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