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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

MIPI Alliance Releases Serial Interface Standard for Display Panels in Mobile Phones

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via NewsEdge Corporation

"This standard brings important benefits to a wide range of mobile systems, from simple low-end devices to highly complex smartphones to larger handheld platforms," said Dick Lawrence, chair of MIPI's Display Working Group. "The mobile industry has been waiting for an open standard to converge upon, and DSI provides the compelling technology to drive that transition."

DCS, the other newly approved display specification, is an application-layer specification for smart display panels.

Broad Industry Support

DSI and DCS were developed through the collaborative efforts of leading handset manufacturers, display manufacturers and semiconductor vendors in the mobile industry.

"Nearly every important supplier or user of this technology played a role in its development," said Tom Vial, Chairman of the Board, MIPI Alliance, Inc. "Given those highly collaborative origins, we're very optimistic that those same companies will soon implement and deploy DSI in their products, leading the industry toward a single preferred solution for display interfaces."

MIPI Alliance Gains Momentum

DSI and DCS represent the third major specification release from MIPI in recent months, complementing MIPI's camera serial interface (CSI-2) and physical layer (D-PHY) specifications released late last year. Later in 2006, two additional MIPI Standards are expected to be finalized, one targeting general-purpose use cases for relatively low-bandwidth peripherals and another targeting high-bandwidth peripherals.

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