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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Planning Force, Inc. Acquires Quintessence Photonics Corporation ("QPC") and Changes Its Name to QPC Lasers, Inc.

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Israel Ury, Director

Dr. Ury has served as QPC's Director since November 2001 . From July 2001 to September 2002 , he also served as a director for Memlink, Inc. From February 2000 to July 2001 he served as a Senior Technology Consultant forLucent Technologies and Agere Systems. Dr. Ury founded and served as anexecutive officer of diode laser manufacturer, Ortel Corporation from 1980 to2000. Dr. Ury received his B.S. and M.S. from the University of California at Los Angeles , and his Ph. D from California Institute of Technology.

Robert Adams , Director

Mr. Adams was appointed a director in May 2006 . Mr. Adams began his careeras an engineer at Bendix Aviation designing control systems for aircraft jetengines. He then designed ordnance systems as a non-commissioned army officer. After military service, he worked as a design engineer at Inland Steel Co.where he became involved in the use of computers to control steel making processes. He continued this interest as a control system designer atTRW/Bunker Ramo where he received several patents for multivariable controlsystems in the production of steel products.

In 1969, Mr. Adams joined Xerox Corporation. At the time Mr. Adams was Vice President of Marketing at SDS responsible for planning and marketing ofnew technologies. In 1975 he advanced within Xerox and managed a new business using computers to convert high-speed copiers into laser printers. Thisbusiness alone has grown to over $6 billion in annual revenue. Mr. Adams waspromoted from the President of Printing Systems to Group Vice President of theXerox Systems Group (XSG) where he led the introduction of a number of new office products, some from Xerox PARC. At this time he sponsored a project to develop the first high-speed digital copier which under his guidance resultedin the development of high-quality, and high-speed digital scanners. Engineering of these products required the design of 13 application specificIC's (ASIC's) and other advance electronic design concepts. Mr. Adams was promoted to Executive Vice President in 1986 and moved to Xerox headquartersin Connecticut. In 1989 Mr. Adams began a venture capital activity on behalf of Xerox (Xerox Technology Ventures). XTV was completed in 1999. For the pastfive years, Mr. Adams has managed Adams Capital Management, a private investment company. Mr. Adams serves on the Board of Directors of TekelecCorp., a manufacturer of network switching products, and the Los Angeles Opera Company, a private corporation. Mr. Adams received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago . He was awarded the Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 1983 as wellas the Outstanding Mechanical Engineer from Purdue. He was elected a Life Member of the President's Council of the University of Chicago Graduate Schoolof Business.

Merrill ("Tony") McPeak, Director

Gen. Merrill A. McPeak has served as the Vice-Chairman of QPC's Board of Directors since January 2006 . Gen. McPeak is President of McPeak andAssociates, a management-consulting firm he founded in 1995. Gen. McPeak was Chief of Staff of the Air Force during the early 1990s. He entered the U.S.Air Force in November 1957 and was a fighter pilot during his early years. Heflew 269 combat missions in Vietnam. In 1967-68, he performed in nearly 200 official air shows as Solo Pilot for the USAF Aerial Demonstration Team, the"Thunderbirds." He commanded NATO's 20th Fighter Wing in 1980-81, Twelfth AirForce in 1987-88, Pacific Air Forces from 1988 to 1990, and was Chief of Staffof the Air Force from November 1990 to October 1994 , when he retired from active military service. General McPeak is Chairman of the Board ofEthicspoint, Inc. and a director of several other private companies. He is adirector of the following public companies: Del Global Technologies, amanufacturer and marketer of medical imaging systems; Gigabeam Corporation, asupplier of high performance, high availability fiber-speed wireless communications; Health Sciences Group, Inc., a provider of preventive healthcare alternatives; MathStar, a designer and marketer of specialized semiconductor integrated circuits; and Tektronix, Inc., a manufacturer andmarketer of test and measurement solutions.


On May 12, 2006 , the Company and its principal shareholder, Julie Morin ,entered into and closed a Share Exchange Agreement (the "Exchange Agreement")with the shareholders of 98% of the outstanding equity securities of QPC.Pursuant to the Exchange Agreement, the Company issued one share of its commonstock for each share of QPC held by the participating QPC shareholders. This constituted 26,986,119 shares of the Company for 98% of the shares of QPC. In addition, options, loans and convertible notes of QPC ("DerivativeSecurities") were exchanged for similar instruments from the Company that maybe exercised or exchanged for common shares of the Company. Pursuant to the Exchange Agreement, QPC paid Ms. Morin $250,000 cash to purchase 48,294,115shares of her stock in the Company. QPE has caused these 48,294,115 shares of the Company to be retired.

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