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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Planning Force, Inc. Acquires Quintessence Photonics Corporation ("QPC") and Changes Its Name to QPC Lasers, Inc.

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Applications Established Global Markets Laser Pumping -- Fiber Laser Pumping -- Solid State Pumping Materials Processing -- Plastics -- Cutting -- Welding -- Soldering -- Surface Hardening -- Marking Medical -- Therapeutic -- Dermatology -- Ophthalmology -- Dental -- Laser Pumping Printing -- Computer to Plate Emerging Market Opportunities Defense -- Counter Measures -- Target Designation -- Ordinance Initiation -- High Energy Missile Defense -- Free Space Communications -- Bio-Chemical Detection -- Illumination -- Range Finding -- Remote Sensing -- Light Detection and Ranging -- Laser Pumping Scientific -- Raman Spectroscopy -- Enhanced MRI -- Atomic Physics Display -- Digital Projection -- Home -- Flexography -- Marketing and Tracking -- Theater Recent Milestones

On February 10, 2006 QPC was awarded a multi-year production contract bythe Israel Ministry of Defense to deliver high-brightness lasers for target illumination applications.

On March 28, 2006 , QPC was awarded a contract with the United States Armyawarded for development, performance testing, and delivery of high powersemiconductor lasers in the eye-safe wavelength regime.

In the past 90 days, the Company has received 20 new purchase orders of which 1/2 are from new customers, 1/2 are follow-on orders and 1/3 are production orders.


Effective May 12, 2006 , Julie Morin resigned as Chief Executive Officerand Director of the Company. On the same date, the directors of QPC listedbelow were elected to the Board of Directors of the Company, Jeffrey Ungar ,Ph.D. was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and George Lintz was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Company. The officers and directors of QPC are:

Name Age Position Jeffrey Ungar 47 Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder and Director George Lintz 45 Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder and Director Paul Rudy 35 Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Tomas Stakelon 59 Vice President, Engineering Israel Ury 49 Director Robert Adams 73 Director Merrill A. McPeak 70 Director

Jeffrey Ungar , Ph.D., President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder andDirector

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