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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Planning Force, Inc. Acquires Quintessence Photonics Corporation ("QPC") and Changes Its Name to QPC Lasers, Inc.

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QPC believes it has produced the world's only high power monolithic surface emitting arrays, wherein it can aggregate hundreds of high power lasers onto a single semiconductor chip. This allows QPC to produce lasers in high volume, assemble them inexpensively and create a finished product that is easy to cool and possesses high power density.

QPC has designed and is developing, subject to additional funding, the world's only on-chip wavelength "conversion" (shortening or lengthening wavelengths beyond conventional ranges for diode lasers) and control. This technology can produce eye-safe wavelengths for detecting pollution, hazardous materials and chemical explosives; it also is conducive to establishing effective counter measures for heat-seeking missiles, to producing a "directed energy weapons" arsenal for the U.S. military, and for the creation of eye-safe laser products for surgery, hair, tattoo and acne removal, and other commercial applications.

QPC has built a staff of more than 30 employees, including prominent scientists and engineers. It has created a state-of-the-art production facility that covers 18,000 square feet and allows the Company to conduct nearly all of its operations on site, including R&D, semiconductor wafer fabrication, processing and packaging. In its present configuration, its capacity is three million devices per year and it is scalable to an estimated 20 million devices.

In 2002, QPC produced the "first light" from its laser devices and procured its initial government contracts. In 2003, it phased in these government contracts and focused on product development for industrial, medical and defense purposes. In 2004, it initiated its first commercial shipments of Generation I devices and in 2005 it introduced and began tomarket Generation II products, hired worldwide sales representatives and attracted several OEM orders.

Since its inception, QPC has received over $6 million of development contracts from the United States Navy, United States Army, United States Missile Defense Agency and defense contractors in the United States and Israel . It has raised approximately $29 million in four separate rounds ofequity financing.

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