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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Pixim's Orca Chipset Technology Enables CIEFFE's Next Generation H.264 Capable Network Surveillance System

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via NewsEdge Corporation

The CIEFFE MPEG4 Main Profile is able to deliver four streams of video simultaneously with different quality and resolution. With the H.264 algorithm CIEFFE can also stream video with very low bandwidth (less than 512Kbit/s) and DVD quality.

"We are excited about CIEFFE's adoption of Pixim's technology. CIEFFE has developed an excellent solution for the networked video surveillance market, integrating advanced capabilities such as Pixim's DPS imaging technology, H.264 compression, and CIEFFE's video management architecture," said Joe Montalbo, President and CEO of Pixim. "CIEFFE's focus on complete network solutions will make the NETTUNO camPX a great fit for demanding and complex surveillance needs."

CIEFFE will market the NETTUNO camPX to all sectors that require quality, performance and reliability, including airports, casinos, banks, retail, city controls and money count surveillance systems.

For more information on the NETTUNO camPX visit:

Customers shipping Pixim chipsets in their security camera products include: Baxall, CIEFFE, Dallmeier electronic, EverFocus, Tyco Fire & Security, GE Security, General Solutions, Honeywell, Ikegami, Pelco, Sunell, JVC, ChipER, Eagle Technology, Videor Technical, Smartvue, Verint, and Electronics Line USA.

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Pixim Inc. has developed imaging technology and products that revolutionize the way video cameras capture and process images. Pixim's patented Digital Pixel SystemŽ (DPS) silicon and software technology produces superior pictures under a wide variety of lighting conditions. For more information or to purchase Pixim's products, visit our website: or call Pixim's headquarters in Mountain View, CA., (650) 605-1107.

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