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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 Delivers Multi-Gigabyte Real-Time Video Data Streams

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SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 specifically addresses the problems of faster turnaround in a 4K data-centric media environment -- where Hollywood's all-or- nothing deadlines are paramount -- by providing real-time file delivery in 4K. For example, in the telecine department, each frame is handled as an individual file, totaling 24 files for each second of film. The process requires opening and closing many files consistently and the files have to be on time, because even a millisecond late in opening a file disrupts the continuity. The SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 guarantees real-time delivery through its specialized, low-latency architecture.

High-Performance Computing in the Sciences

To find answers to new types of challenging problems, investigators in scientific areas such as physics, material sciences, engineering, bioinformatics and nanotechnology all need to load data sets into the large memory of their supercomputers as rapidly as possible. One example is the Dresden University of Technology (TUD), which purchased $18 million of SGI technology late last year. As part of the German university's purchase, SGI is installing a Storage Area Network (SAN) containing almost 70TB of online disk capacity that -- in support of the capability computing system part of the installation -- is capable of feeding a petabyte-sized archive tape robot with high data rate. Another 50TB large SAN will be provided and connected to the throughput system part of the HPC environment. Their original five RM660 systems will be replaced with three SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 systems shortly, which will enable scientists to put an entire database into memory without worrying about the access speeds to disk drives, which are up to a thousand times slower than to memory.

The University is spearheading a new area of HPC by loading datasets off disk drives, across the wire, into the memory of their SGI Altix supercomputer with a required data rate of 8 GBps, enabling scientists to work on data, in real time, in memory. Using the high bandwidth and throughput of the SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 system, they can harness the SGI Altix computer's 4TB of memory and fill it up with a 4TB dataset very fast. How fast can this be accomplished with the SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 systems? They'll supply the 4TB in less than 9 minutes.


Weather climatology, forecasting and ocean modeling is produced 24/7 by government agencies and private forecasting services, where data from ocean sensors, satellites and airplanes is ingested continuously. Most meteorologists use a technique called ensembling, in which different model formulations analyze possible atmospheric variations simultaneously. The high throughput of SGI InfiniteStorage 6700 means models are delivered into system memory much, much faster, eliminating bottlenecks. Faster storage also expands numerical weather prediction domains to much larger areas, and at higher resolutions -- all leading to more precise analysis and forecasting.

Government Intelligence

Defense and intelligence sensors, satellites and other assets deliver continuous streaming data feeds and generate mountains of data. To move from information overload and allow analysts to make timely, credible insights in order to take effective action, the SGI InfiniteStorage 6700, which also features dual parity for enhanced data integrity, ingests and stores this continuous high data rate of information at lightning speed to make it immediately available for high-level analysis. The SGI system also drastically cuts the time it takes to move files on a network during the various stages of the defense and intelligence decision cycle.

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