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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Vitesse's Low Cost Stackable Layer-2 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch Eliminates the Need for Fast Ethernet Stackable Products

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via NewsEdge Corporation

Low Cost Scalability, High Performance Functionality

In a revolutionary 24+4 port design, Vitesse delivers scalability with performance for entry-level applications. The E-StaX-34 offers 24 1Gbps ports along with four scalable 1Gbps/2.5Gbps interfaces to enable high-speed operation while simplifying printed circuit board (PCB) layout and backplane architecture. Vitesse also utilizes the highly cost effective VStaX(TM)cabling system to drive cost down while accelerating performance. This cost effective cabling solution enables a cost point that can be as low as one tenth of conventional Gigabit Ethernet stack offerings available in the market. Other key features to the E-StaX-34 SoC product enhance traffic flow, manageability, security and QoS. These include:

-- Layer 2 Switching -- Provides line rate Layer 2 forwarding and bridging of traffic. Ensures lossless performance and maximum data throughput in highly loaded networks.

-- VStaX(TM) Stacking -- Utilizes scalable switch inter-connect architecture for a single point of management with stack-wide feature consistency and optimal use of stack link capacity.

-- VCAP Security -- Includes content-aware packet processor for inbound and outbound wire-speed packet inspection for rich implementation of security features for wireline and wireless applications.

-- Vcore II -- Eliminates the need for an external CPU by providing a complete embedded CPU system for advanced real-time protocols and full-featured Web/SNMP-based management.

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