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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Lockheed Martin Developing Integrated MDA Solution

Terror Response Technology Report
via NewsEdge Corporation

MIDAS would also be able to tie into other legacy systems and programs without requiring frequent new patches to sustain the system, says James. The system is designed to help break down stovepipes, not create new ones, he says.

In addition to the suite of software tools, Lockheed Martin might also provide sensors and cameras as part of an integrated port security solution.

At a workshop the company hosted in December at its Center for Innovation in Suffolk, Va., Lockheed Martin and representatives from the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, the Navy and Northern Command, developed an Intermodal Cargo Security Model that examines the key points along supply chains, such as the foreign point of stuffing, the foreign port zone, the open ocean zone, and the U.S. port zone among others.

While the MIDAS Suite appears to mostly, but not entirely, focus on the U.S. port zones as depicted in James' presentation, he says other existing data sources, both classified and unclassified, could eventually be fused into Lockheed Martin's solution to help close broader maritime coverage gaps.

The strategy work from the December meeting will be the focus of another workshop Lockheed Martin will host later this spring for commercial participants in the supply chain. Rather than force a strategy onto the commercial industry players, the workshop will give them an opportunity to provide input and feedback on the evolving strategy, says James.

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