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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Lockheed Martin Developing Integrated MDA Solution

Terror Response Technology Report
via NewsEdge Corporation

* AwareNet, which is a Lockheed Martin-developed open architecture model that integrates intrusion detection tools, multiple types of sensors, networks, and other information with command and control systems. The system has been in use by the Coast Guard's Delaware Bay Sector since 2004 to monitor critical infrastructures located on the Delaware River waterfront.

* MTM200, a central command and control, display and processing software for vessel traffic management information systems in use for port and waterway safety and security. The company has deployed MTM200 at 14 international and eight U.S. ports.

* SafeSeas, another company initiative, is a global maritime security project to develop an end to end solution for securing the global supply chain. It encompasses a range of sensors, technologies and data services.

* IDAC is a Lockheed Martin-developed data fusion system that can access multiple internal and external systems and databases, both classified and commercial. Along these lines, the company is also participating in a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency-led software program called PANDA, for predictive analysis for naval deployment activities, to automatically track local and global patterns of behavior by commercial vessels. PANDA also fits well with another software product called CATE which mines commercial databases.

* CATE, which stands for Computer Assisted Threat Evaluation, was developed by Channel Logistics and is a software system that taps into commercial databases worldwide to get information on crew lists, manifests and other cargo and shipping information (TR2, April 5).

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