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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Erasmus University Medical Center Uses SGI Technology for Ground breaking Translational Medicine Research

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Biomarkers recognize, in a very specific way, the type of tumor. Researchers around the world are dedicated to finding biomarkers that areunique for certain types of cancers. For example, if a patient has a Type Abiomarker for a tumor, doctors prescribe certain medication and a specific treatment. But if the tumor is a Type B biomarker, a completely differentintervention procedure would be prescribed.

The benefits are tremendous, as revealed in a medical paper published by Erasmus MC in December 2005 describing the genomics application of studies ofa certain type of slow-growing brain tumors (oligodendroglioma). By using agenomic strategy, Prof. Dr . van der Spek reports that doctors can decideup-front whether a patient will be chemo-sensitive or chemo-resistant.

"Chemotherapy is an absolutely awful treatment and if, in advance, you candecide whether your patient will or will not respond to the treatment, that's very important information to help you make the decision of whether you aregoing to prescribe chemotherapy or whether you are immediately going to pushthe patient towards the operating theater," said Prof. Dr . van der Spek. "Sowe use the genomic strategy in combination with the medical imaging in theI-space run by the SGI computer in this new paradigm of translational medicine."

"SGI technology has long been a leader in biomedical research and drug discovery. The introduction of I-space brings SGI and partners Barco andCrosslinks to the forefront of both medical research and clinical applications, opening up the amazing possibilities of multidisciplinary collaboration of doctors and surgeons for the specific treatment ofindividuals," said Afshad Mistri, market segment manager, Sciences, SGI. "Weare at the dawn of a new era of personalized medicine, made possible byadvances in science and SGI technology."

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