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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Imaging3's Breakthrough Technology Poised to Usher in Strategic Shift in the Medical Imaging Marketplace

via NewsEdge Corporation

This provides a physician the capability to more accurately guide catheters, stents, pain management injections, orthopedic implants, pace maker implants, electro-stimulators, cancer treatment, foreign body removal, spinal implants -- as well as any invasive device or procedure. By having access to more detailed information, in three dimensions, delivered in real time, the physician will be able to perform procedures with greater accuracy and speed.

As much as the technological advances in software, it is Dominion's form factor that is also driving this exciting shift in the role of medical imaging, and allowing it to leapfrog over the inherent disadvantages of CT and MRI. CT and MRI are extremely large in size and weight, immobile, expensive and require a fixed room with special shielding and mounting requirements. Their "bore holes" (the space in which the patient is placed to be imaged) are claustrophobically small and the "gantry" (the structure upon which the device operates) is too wide to provide direct access to the patient.

Imaging3's Dominion device is sized to be able to roll through a standard hospital room doorway, and it utilizes regular hospital wall power so that a separate room or facility is not required. Its slim, "flat panel detector" imaging head allows surgeons complete and unfettered access to the patient's entire body so that it can be used in a more proactive fashion during surgery.

"These advances in the technology, combined with the cost savings that they will generate, bode well for our company's growth," said Dean Janes, Imaging3's CEO. "We are able to provide more flexibility and state of the art imaging capabilities that advance the state of medical care into this new millennium. Our technology will change the face of medical imaging similar to that of CT and MRI when they first entered the medical community."

About Imaging3

Imaging3, Inc., founded in 1993, is a leading provider of advanced technology medical imaging devices. The Company has developed a breakthrough medical imaging device that produces 3D medical diagnostic images of virtually any part of the human body in real-time. Because these 3D images are instantly constructed in real-time, they can be used for any current or new medical procedures in which multiple frames of reference are required to perform medical procedures on or in the human body. Visit the company's website at

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