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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

MIPS Technologies' Announces Availability of 850MHz MIPS32(R) 24KE(TM) Processor Core Family

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The energy efficiency of the 24KEc(TM) core was recently independently verified by BDTI in the January 2006 issue of their publication "Inside DSP." In a head-to-head comparison between the 24KEc core and the ARM1136, BDTI concluded that "the MIPS32 24KEc is about 30% more energy-efficient."(1) An example of how MIPS Technologies processors can be used with an advanced low-power design flow can be found in a recent webinar produced by MIPS Technologies, Virage Logic, and Magma, available at: .

"High performance cores that achieve frequencies of 850 MHz and provide RISC/DSP convergence are the ideal choice for engineers trying to solve the challenges of die size and cost, since both control and media functions can be now be combined onto a single host," said Jack Browne, vice president of marketing at MIPS Technologies. "OEMs and semiconductor companies who take advantage of the 24KE core family get the best of all critical design factors: high performance, low power, and low cost."


The 24KE core family is targeted at markets such as set-top boxes, DTVs, DVD recorders, voice switches, IP phones, digital cameras, cellular telephones, printers, modems, residential gateways, and automotive telematics. The low power consumption of these cores makes them ideal for battery-powered and thermally-constrained devices.

Applications enhanced by the MIPS32 DSP ASE include VoIP processing, narrowband and broadband communications, digital audio, graphics, video, and imaging. Some examples of the speedup achieved by the DSP ASE include a 68% improvement in IDCT processing (used in video compression) and a 106% speedup in IMDCT (used in MP3 decoding). Complex DSP kernel functions such as FIR filters achieve up to a 234% performance boost, while a standard 32x32 DCT with saturation is improved by 315%.

The MIPS32 24KE Core Family

The 24KE core family includes the 24KEc, 24KEf(TM), 24KEc Pro, and 24KEf Pro cores.

24KEc Core: Base core for the 24KE family, which includes the MIPS32 instruction set, an MMU, a fast multiple/divide unit, and the MIPS DSP ASE.

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