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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

AMOS Inks Pact With ISRO for Supply of High Tech Collimator

Press Trust of India
via NewsEdge Corporation

A collimator is an optical instrument similar to a telescope, but works in the opposite way. When an object is placed in the focal plane of the collimator and viewed, it seems very far away (virtually at infinity), Rattan said.

A typical application consists of placing the output of an optical fibre in a collimator's focal plane in order to obtain a star simulator. Another application is to have a reference target in the collimator's focal plane to calibrate telescopes and other spaceborne cameras and other instruments.

Collimators are thus well suited to test spacecraft instruments, either astronomical or aiming at earth observation, like the ones manufactured, assembled and tested by ISRO/SAC.

Earlier contracts executed by AMOS for ISRO include two collimators of one metre diameter for ISRO-SAC, Ahmedabad. The company is also engaged in the design, manufacturing and installation of a space simulator for ISRO in Bangalore.

AMOS has been supplying equipment to ESA (European Space Agency), NASA and Space Agency of Korea.


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