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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

L-3 Communications Acquires Two Leaders in Threat Detection for Military and Homeland Security Applications

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via NewsEdge Corporation

"CyTerra brings to L-3 a superior sensor capability that can be applied to several screening solutions that are far more advanced, significantly faster and lower in cost than other systems on the market," said Mr. Lanza. "When added to L-3's existing product line for port, cargo and rail security initiatives, as well as intrusion detection and perimeter security systems, L-3 has the broadest base of state-of-the-art detection systems in the industry."

Mr. Lanza noted several new products that set CyTerra above the competition. A Rapid Transit Passenger Screening portal for passengers can sample key areas of the body rapidly for explosive materials without the need for an operator, a process far faster than competing portals. The detection engine for the new portal is CyTerra's Energetic Explosives Detector which is not only faster than competing systems, but can find trace levels of any explosive, regardless of chemical composition. The Pressure Activated Wand Sampler (PAWS) is a hand-held sampling system that harvests traces of explosive particles at security checkpoints and CyTerra's Pressure Activated Sampling System - Cargo (Pass-C) is designed for screening pallets of cargo and large cargo containers.

Additionally, CyTerra brings with it strong market positions and a number of research and development projects that show promise for future security products. The company is also currently working on several government-funded research and development projects in support of homeland security and DoD requirements.

"Another exceptional technology that CyTerra brings to L-3 is its GPR, mainly used to protect U.S. troops and fight terrorists," said Mr. Lanza. "Along with producing a variety of handheld mine detection products,

CyTerra was the only company to receive an award from DARPA to complete the development of its through-wall system for motion sensing to detect terrorists hidden behind a wide variety of wall construction materials. This technology also has a number of applications for law enforcement and first responders."

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