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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Leading OLED and Emerging Display Technology Companies to Present at DisplaySearch US FPD Conference

Business Wire
via NewsEdge Corporation

-- Gopalan Rajeswaran, VP of Advanced Development and Strategic Initiatives for the OLED Systems Product Group at Eastman Kodak, will present a competitive overview for the AMOLEDs market, which will include a discussion of Kodak's four sub-pixel design using color filter on array for AMOLEDs. He will also discuss how Kodak has addressed low yield LTPS backplane problems, and will include a discussion on the advantages of linear source evaporation tools.

-- Dr. Hye-Dong (H.D.) Kim, Senior Engineer at Samsung SDI R&D Center, will discuss Samsung's new fab -- the world's first 4th Gen AMOLED facility. Mr. Kim will also discuss how Samsung SDI's attempts to solve LTPS yield problems and how the company produces high yields with the use of evaporation tools beyond 3rd Gen. He will also provide an outlook on how the company aims to win the high-end mobile phone main display market.

-- Dr. Michael Hack, VP of Strategic Product Development at Universal Display Corporation (UDC), will present a winning case for AMOLEDs by explaining how they are highly desirable for both mobile and large-area video rate display applications. He will also present an outlook for phosphorescent OLEDs (PHOLEDs), which are critical to AMOLEDs being competitive with AMLCDs, due to their reduced power consumption, longer battery life, lower mobility backplane technologies and overall cost savings.

-- Dr. David Fyfe, CEO of Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), will provide an outlook for polymer-based OLEDs. Dr. Fyfe will also provide an overview of the advantages of ink-jet printing as a solution for AMOLED patterning, which will include an update on Litrex and scaling through Gen 7.

-- Corbin Church, VP of Operations at IGNIS Innovation, will present the key challenges of backplane requirements -- stability, lifetime, uniformity and cost -- and why solving backplane problems is key to AMOLEDs' success. He will also provide a comparison of a-Si, LTPS technologies and an overview of circuit strategies.

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