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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Texas Instruments Solves the Software Challenge for OEMs with the Launch of Supported, Optimized Digital Media Software

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According to Berkley Design Technology, Inc., "By providing its own software components, TI will enable system developers to use off-the-shelf software with greater ease and confidence."

Easy Evaluation and Adoption

Customers are able to evaluate digital media software at no charge througha simple click-wrap license and receive four free hours of support from theASP of their choice. Following the evaluation period, customers can purchasethe software directly from their ASP, who will provide ongoing direct production support. This way, customers have a single point of contact for both the purchase and support of their selected TI digital media software. The simplicity of the evaluation and purchase of optimized software ensures customers are able to greatly accelerate their time-to-market and ease of implementation, instead of having to waste months evaluating and acquiring software from multiple suppliers.

Flexible Licensing Options

Increasing the accessibility of each software component, TI set upflexible licensing options that give customers the ability to minimize their upfront investment. OEMs can choose between a low up front fee with royalty payments, low royalty payments with additional up-front fee. Additionally,select software components are available at a one-time upfront payment with noassociated royalty fees. Discounts are offered for the purchase of bundles ofdigital media software, which enables customers to increase the functionalityof their product lines at a reduced cost.

Customized Support from a Network of TI's Experienced Partners

To ensure extensive and qualified support, TI has established a network ofselect ASPs from its Third Party Network that will both license and support TI's digital media software. ASPs include ATEME, eInfochips Inc., eSOL Co.Ltd., Ingenient Technologies, Inc, Ittiam Systems, Logic Product Development,MPC Data and Wintech Digital Systems Technology Corp.

Availability and Pricing

Beginning today, customers who are interested in using TI's software may contact TI to obtain software for free evaluation, pricing information andreceive guidance for selecting an ASP for support. Following the evaluation period, customers can license the software directly from their ASP, who will provide ongoing direct production support. See .

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