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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Oki Electric Develops World's Smallest Low-cost uBOSA chips for Fiber-to-the-Home Modules Using Silicon Lens

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via NewsEdge Corporation

Oki Electric will provide samples of its silicon lens from April 2006. Using its super small multi function optical integrated chip technology, Oki plans to deploy an optical platform business wherein various optical components can be handled in the same effective manner.


(1) Silicon lens:

A micro lens for optical communication that can be processed in volume with LSI manufacturing technology. Developed by Oki Electric in 2002.

(2) Optical filter:

A filter that passes certain wavelength optical signal waves and reflects other wavelengths. It is a key component used to multiplex and demultiplex optical signals in WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) in which multiple optical signal waves are transmitted in a single optical fiber.

(3) Silicon optical bench:

A silicon platform with a V-shaped high-precision groove fabricated by using silicon micro processing technology. Various optical devices such as optical fibers and LD chips can be arranged and mounted on the board.

(4) Surface mounting technology:

A technology to achieve low-cost volume production chips by positioning an optical fiber in the V-shaped groove and LD chips on the flat surface, enabling automatic optical alignment. By also placing Oki's silicon lens in the V-shape groove, Oki achieved optical alignment between the lens and other optical elements, which had been impossible before.

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