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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Isonics Corp. Launches New Line of Intelligent Digital Video Solutions for Homeland Security Applications

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via NewsEdge Corporation

-- Object Tracking - the object tracking module can track and record multiple objects simultaneously, including "lost baggage" capability which associates objects to a person and can detect and alarm for various unusual circumstances, such as baggage left behind.

-- Body Tracking & Behavior Recognition - movement of individuals can be tracked in real time or from stored video and can be programmed to alarm based on pre-defined behaviors.

-- License Plate Recognition - license plates can be read as vehicles enter or exit from parking lots and garages as well as at highway speeds with the plate number being linked to a "recognized" vehicle model.

ISS-powered intelligent video surveillance solutions have a proven track record in the global homeland security marketplace, and have been deployed on every continent. Applications include point-of-sale retail uses, metro mass transit stations in China, banks in Europe and South America, ports and oil refineries, and safe-city initiatives in Europe.

"Our initial marketing efforts have resulted in considerable customer interest due to some of the unique features that our product offers," commented Boris Rubizhevsky, Isonics' Vice Chairman and President of HSDC. "While there are numerous non-security uses of this intelligent technology in banking and retail, we are focusing on those opportunities consistent with our homeland security mission. Our initial targets for marketing these solutions are high profile buildings, mass transit facilities and critical infrastructure facilities. The intelligent video security solutions are ideal for providing surveillance within and outside of office buildings, mass transit facilities, ports, bridges and tunnels, as well as such sensitive areas as electric power and chemical plants. Having the capability to design customer-specific solutions based on the above or customer-unique features we develop should position us well to serve a wide range of customers worldwide."

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