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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

RadiSys Announces New AdvancedTCA(R) Products for High Bandwidth Network Element and DataPlane Applications

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-- Promentum(TM) ATCA-2100: Switch and Control Module, accommodating both GbE and Fibre Channel switch fabrics for multiple carrier grade server applications in control, services and management planes

-- Promentum(TM) ATCA-3000: Disk Storage Module, providing high performance Fibre Channel storage

-- Promentum(TM) ATCA-4000: Compute Processing Module, providing high performance general purpose application processing through dual Intel(R)Xeon(TM) CPUs

-- Promentum(TM) ATCA-6000: 12U Chassis, providing industry-leading density and enabling three chassis in a standard 42U telco rack

-- Promentum(TM) ATCA-7010: 10 Gigabit Packet Processing Module with modular memory design for the Network Processing Units, socketed RDRAM,optional TCAM memory module, and a fabric interface implemented as a mezzanineto provide fabric choices

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