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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

RadiSys Announces New AdvancedTCA(R) Products for High Bandwidth Network Element and DataPlane Applications

via PRNewswire

In order to further increase their velocity to market, RadiSys includes data path and platform management software integrated into the Promentum product line. This will enable TEMs to focus on developing the higher value application layer rather then spending precious resource developing basic protocols and platform management solutions. For example the data path and management software that is part of the Promentum products will include both ATM and IP internetworking as well as comprehensive shelf and blade managementthat meets the requirements of today's high-bandwidth ATCA network dataplane and network element applications.

The new Promentum products being announced include the following:

-- The Promentum(TM) SYS-6010 is a fully integrated and validated managed platform. With a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch and control module, the SYS-6010 offers the highest bandwidth node connectivity, up-link and cross-link capability and the highest processing density per slot. Modular AMC-based I/Oand packet processing functionality provide a modular scalable platform that allows for flexible expansion of both features and system density

-- The Promentum(TM) ATCA-6006 is a new 6-slot, low profile 5U ATCA shelffor smaller/denser systems and cost/space constrained edge and access applications requiring a fewer slots. This shelf compliments the commercially available Promentum 12U ATCA shelf used for larger applications. Applicationsfor the 5U include media gateways, session border controller, Wi-Fi controllerand DSLAM applications.

-- The Promentum(TM) ATCA-2210 is a 10 Gigabit switch and control modulewith a full 10Gigabit switching fabric, integrated Network Timing Sub-system, optional onboard COM Express processor with SAS/SATA disk module, optional shelf management functions, and over 40 Gbps up/cross link capability.

-- The Promentum(TM) ATCA-4300 is a compute processing module with singleor dual Intel(R) dual-core Xeon processors, 2MB secondary (L2) cache, supportfor up to 8GB DDR2-400 ECC registered SDRAM via 4 MiniDIMM sockets, dualGigabit Ethernet Fabric and Base Interfaces. Additional flexibility is provided by two AMC sites and storage connection options, including FibreChannel and SAS/SATA.

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