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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Greater Scalability to Push Adoption of Machine Vision Systems Beyond the Manufacturing Industry

via PRNewswire

SICK IVP, Sweden has introduced a first of its kind 3D vision smart camera that uses laser triangulation for high-performance capture of 3D images. Due to 3D inspection capabilities, the camera has versatile qualitiesthat enable it to perform inspection, location, and measurements of objects to enhance production processes.

This revolutionary 3D smart vision system, which also incorporates tools that can estimate height and volume is set to make a significant impact on robotic guidance applications such as bin picking, inspection of connectorpins, and inspection of weld seams all of which require precise inspection of 3D images.

Currently, researchers are also working toward the development of real-time autonomous robotic guidance using machine vision systems. The five year reverse engineering the vertebrate brain (REVERB) project jointly undertaken by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), BAE systems, and a group of universities in the United Kingdom aims at incorporating artificial intelligence in robotics.

As part of this project the department of electrical and electronic engineering-at the University of Manchester has developed a vision chip, which is capable of foveal and peripheral vision similar to the retina of the human eye and is likely to be extremely useful for factory automation applications.

Termed as a 'smart sensor', this vision chip performs the functions of avision sensor and a microprocessor is capable of processing complex images at rapid rates, and will find use in laser-guided crawlers for carrying out tasks such as machining and inspection of aircraft parts.

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