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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Technology Deployed by Consortium to Enable Uncooled Operation of Advanced Photonic Devices

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Ian Lealman of CIP, project manager for ETOE said "This project brings together a number of key players in the optoelectronics industry and academia to work collaboratively on fundamental technology solutions. This will enable the development of processes and materials that will help drive increases in speed, temperature performance and tunability."

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About the Centre for Integrated Photonics.

The Centre for Integrated Photonics (CIP) is a leading supplier of advanced photonic hybrid integrated circuits and InP based optoelectronic chips, devices and modules for communications, biomedical, defence and industrial markets. CIP is also a major provider of technical services and consultancy in the photonics field. The companies co-located development and manufacturing facilities are based in the UK and CIP achieved ISO9001:2000 qualification in 2004.

About Bookham.

Bookham is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of optical components, modules and subsystems. The company's optical components, modules and subsystems are used in various applications and industries, including telecommunications, data communications, aerospace, industrial and military. The company has manufacturing facilities in the UK, US, China and Switzerland; and offices in the US, UK, Canada, China, France and Italy; and employs approximately 2000 people worldwide. Bookham is a registered trademark of Bookham Technology plc.

About Epichem.

Founded in 1983, Epichem manufactures a wide range of high purity precursors used across the semiconductor, electronic and optoelectronic industries. With manufacturing and distribution facilities on three continents, Epichem has a global supply network to service all markets from local sites. Epichem's strong R&D background ensures that the product ranges available include chemicals to meet both current and future customer demands. Working with world leading groups, novel materials systems continue to be developed to meet industry roadmaps. Coupled with our innovative precursor delivery and monitoring systems Epichem is acknowledged as at the forefront of precursor technology and a leading provider of comprehensive product supply packages.

About Loughborough Surface Analysis.

Loughborough Surface Analysis Ltd. is an independent company established in 1997 to provide a responsive surface chemical analysis service to high-technology manufacturing companies and universities worldwide. With particular expertise in SIMS analysis of compound semiconductor materials, the company presently operates three SIMS instruments, an Auger electron spectrometer and a laser ablation ToF system, all backed up by sample preparation and microscopy facilities. For more information visit

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