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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Frost & Sullivan Honors Medipattern Corporation With the 2006 Medical Imaging Technology Innovation of the Year Award

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Among the recommendations for MRI-CAD, the ACR encourages packages that can measure both the standard kinetics of washout of contrast agent and the morphological features of the region of interest. The present selection of CAD products for MRI studies concentrates exclusively on kinetics, where the wash-in, wash-out time of contrast agent is used to predict the cancer-state of the breast tissue.

In case of a discrepancy between the results of an ultrasound CAD and akinetics-based CAD, a biopsy must be performed in order to arrive at anaccurate diagnosis. Radiologists have suggested that CAD software that can simultaneously provide both gross and acute morphological analysis of aspecific region will reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, while possibly detecting subtle changes in breast tissue that occur before tumorsmetasta size.

Clinical characteristics such as size, margin and mass enhancements are just some of the morphological features presented in the final MRI report for each study from the Medipattern B-CAD MRI program. The algorithm can alsoprepopulate features in specific regions and generate a result tree for eachlesion.

"The CAD software is built on Medipattern's patent pending CADENZA(TM) platform and is flexible enough to support different modalities and targets," explains Basu. "Patients are likely to find this new method of breast cancerdetection highly attractive compared with tissue biopsy, which can leave some women with long-term emotional and physical scars."

Medipattern will seek FDA approval for B-CAD MRI, with general market availability expected in the latter half of 2006. By offering a highly sensitive and accurate diagnostic software package that benefits both the patient and the physician, B-CAD MRI has the potential to revolutionize the mammography industry. For these reasons, Frost & Sullivan is proud to recognize The Medipattern Corporation with the 2006 Medical Imaging Technology Innovation of the Year Award.

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