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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Increasing Demand for Digital Flat-panel Imaging Systems to Drive Growth of European Cardiac Catheterisation Imaging Systems

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Despite the decline in prices, cardiac catheterisation imaging systems still remain unaffordable to many healthcare institutions and imaging centres. Thus, justifying equipment price (particularly for new technology equipment) will become essential to prevent healthcare institutions from opting for refurbished equipment.

Presently, countries such as the United Kingdom are offering cardiaccatheterisation procedures in out-patient facilities (mobile imaging facilities) due to long waiting lists. In keeping with this trend, industry stakeholders will gain by focussing on the marketing, development and promotion of such facilities.

Currently, the market has almost reached saturation with limited equipment being added each year at new sites. Hence, long-term growth potential will depend on efforts to innovate new, pioneering andcost-effective technologies to maintain the product cycle.

"Despite the market being mature, all market participants are increasingly investing in new technologies to revitalise the market", remarks Ms. Badrinarayanan . "Hence, the time-to-market factor will be crucial inplanning the introduction of any new technology."

Ensuring the compatibility of cardiac imaging equipment with existing IT solutions in hospitals will also prove vital for easy integration. As aresult, sustaining product demand will depend on including a digital workflowto optimise the cardiology data management system (CDMS).

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