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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

SIGGAR1 Trial Selects the Viatronix V3D-Colon Platform With Medicsight ColonCAD

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Medicsight ColonCAD API is a concurrent-read CAD software technology available for CT colonography to assist radiologists in searching for and measuring potential colorectal polyps. The software uses an advanced CAD algorithm to review CT scan data and automatically highlights specific regions of interest.

About Medicsight

Medicsight develops enterprise-wide computer-aided detection (CAD) software that is used by the medical imaging market to aid in earlier detection of disease. Tested using one of the world's largest databases of verified CT scan data, Medicsight's software solutions help clinicians identify, measure, and analyze suspicious pathology, such as colorectal polyps and lung lesions. The company's CAD products include ColonCAD API, the first CAD technology available for CT colonography, and LungCAD API. Both products allow for a concurrent read that lets clinicians review the original image simultaneously with the Medicsight CAD findings, which results in improved workflow and productivity. Medicsight continues to develop CAD software for a variety of disease states that can help in the early detection of disease and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Headquartered in London, Medicsight employs more than 60 people and also has offices in the United States, Japan, and China. Product and company information can be found on . Stock symbol: MGT

About Viatronix

Viatronix is a leading innovator and developer of 2D/3D medical imaging and diagnostic software. Our software enables physicians to interactively view vital organs and anatomical structures within the human body from data acquired by standard medical imaging equipment in minimally or non-invasive methods. The 2D digital data acquired from imaging devices is automatically post processed using the company's proprietary software techniques and provides 3D diagnostic quality images for the physician. The company's first product, V3D-Colon for "virtual colonoscopy" allows physicians to interactively view the colon reconstructed from a CT scan, providing visualization of the inner surface that includes polyps and lesions. The company's V3D-Explorer offers a robust and user-friendly workstation platform that views and reconstructs data in 2D/3D for virtually any organ in the body. V3D-Calcium Scoring aids physicians in determining the amount of calcified plaque accumulation in the coronary arteries. V3D-Vascular is breakthrough software that permits rapid segmentation and visualization of complex arterial structures using 3D volume rendering, maximum intensity projection and simulated x-ray views. Viatronix, through application of the V3D technology, is developing additional innovative products that will be useful in early detection of other diseases, treatment planning, intervention and follow up evaluation. Viatronix, Inc. is located in Stony Brook, NY. For further information, call toll free 1-866-887-4636 or log on to .

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