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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

LEDs in LCDs

Video Systems
via NewsEdge Corporation

If you're in the color business, or any design-oriented role where matching or creating specific colors is critical, the LCD2180WG-LED-BK is an obvious step up from a typical LCD and even your old faithful CRT.

Other companies ? like Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony ? have publically demonstrated their own LED-backlit monitors and TVs, although none are yet available for purchase. Brightside Technologies does have a true High Dynamic Range LED-backlit 37in. LCD designed to handle the duties of a video reference monitor, but with a near-$50,000 price tag it, like the NEC, has an exclusive audience. Still, these are all first steps in a very exciting direction. The color gamut of LCD flat panels has been expanded, and your CRT is now officially on notice.


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